I found the forum with explanation of the Xert-o-Meter, especially the workout site. Just one value is not clear for me. what does mean the value in the circle at the top of the site? in the screenshot below the red 59

Optimal cadence. It is similar to the Bioshift Garmin app.

Regarding cadence in workouts and optimal cadence/bioshift. Is this setting stored globally or in each device? What I mean is, when outdoors I use the Edge with Bioshift. When indoors I use a Android device with Xert app. Optimal cadence is based on the data in each device or does it use the global data on the cloud?

Only in the device.

Would it make sense to have this as a “global” value? Maybe I’m having two different optimal cadence values (one indoors and another one outdoors) and merging them would be more beneficial?

Not necessary. Relearns in minutes.