Xert new changes

When can we expect the new changes from Xert. :grimacing:


Yes it would be good to get an update from Scott or Armando as this was mentioend quite some time ago now.


“When” is always a difficult question. Some of the things we have been working on have been extremely challenging. For one new feature, we’ve tried every AI technique available … but have finally settled on a method that works to our satisfaction.

While I can’t commit to a date, features below are next in line to be released:

  1. Improved Signature Extraction - for some users, wonky data can throw a signature off and the current system doesn’t always self-correct. The new method should work a lot better and will employ some modeling advancements we have identified to improve signature variations.
  2. Improved Signature Decay - Today, users that don’t have regular breakthroughs can see a continuous decline in signature values, even when they are training and following the prescriptions. The new update will address this. Decays in signature values will be limited and signatures will better align with increases and decreases in training load.
  3. Improved Form Calculations - Current systems on the market, including the current version of Xert, use similar methods to calculate form (although Xert uses 3 calculations instead of 1). In the new release, we introduce an entirely new way of quantifying form which should provide a major improvement to training status (red, yellow, blue, green) that will much more effective for our users, especially those with very low or very high training loads. If you felt that the system was giving you a red status but you felt fine or giving you a blue status but you were tired from training, the new method should handle this far better.
  4. New AI tools - I won’t steal the thunder but there will be some new algorithms that are super cool and super innovative (unlike anything else on the market). One will help you plan out improvements and reaching goals and another provides a new “infinite” workout library. Can’t wait to get everyone using these!

The next update is actually an interim release. There’s another major update that will follow soon after as well!

Keep your eyes open for news.


wow looking forward!!!

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No news on the new calendar features mentioned a while back?

WIll be part of the larger update come after this update.


That’s fantastic news - thanks

Can’t wait for #3! It’s told me I’m red so many times after a weekend ride that I only ever see Colle Del Lombardia and Back To Blue as suggested rides in the week…

Those changes sound great!
I’m a new user, and can already see how the changes will help a lot. I was also wondering if any major UI changes were to be done. I suppose I’ll get used to it in time, but I do find it hard to locate features. In particular, how items are split between the sidebar menu and the home page tab choices is unclear, and when new browser tabs will appear for requests is also hard to know.

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I hear you, although quite frankly I find it’s hard to find things on every platform it seems. We try and separate things into logical grouping on the menu but still never obvious where things should be. We try and keep all the most important information on the main My Fitness page and keep the tab sticky so that you come back to the tab you presumably like to monitor most when you log back in.

UI is getting lots of attention and some of this will be coming out shortly with the updates.


Actually, I find Xert amazing, especially after some time using it and getting used to all the numbers it is showing. I don’t see too much need for new features, but improved calculations for decay and form would definitely help. I’ve experienced some ‘felt’ mismatch between the status and my perceived fitness/recovery. However, on some days when I chose a harder workout than advised, I couldn’t finish it. So, it seems quite accurate even now.

What caught my attention is the mentioned ‘infinite’ workout library. I’m not sure what to expect, but it sounds great. I sometimes wonder if Xert could recommend combinations of workouts.

I chose the Puncheur type. On days when I’m fresh and need a high training load, I pick a Puncheur workout (labeled as ‘unproductive’) first and add an endurance workout or a Zwift Robo Pacer ride. This approach works well for me, but is not really following the training suggestions.

I’m curious if the ‘infinite’ workout library will offer something in this direction.


Unproductive is one component of Suitability that refers to the XSS goal for the day.
In your case you are making your activity productive by adding the extra XSS.
That’s a viable way to do it and your combo idea sounds interesting.
If you do this on a regular basis another option is to open the workout in Workout Designer, select Copy, and extend it any which way you want (longer warm-up/cooldown, more sets, extra endurance, etc.) Save the new workout and mark it as a favorite :+1: That workout will show up on recommended lists when suitability matches.
In this sense Xert already supports infinite workouts as Designer let’s you tweak and modify any workout on file. I realize a lot of users may be hesitant to use this feature but it’s pretty intuitive when you get the hang of it. You can build a library of favorites that work best for you. The profile specs (focus, difficulty, XSS) update as you edit with your fitness signature applied.

Reference –
Training Suitability – Xert (baronbiosys.com)


Yes, the workout designer is great and I am using it. I didn’t create a combination of workouts like in the described case yet, but created some shorter or longer versions of existing workouts.
The designer is really easy to use, I like it.