Xert Mobile iPhone

Hi, I wanted to take a look at the mobile app but couldn’t find it on the Apple Appstore - is this available on the iPhone? Thanks

Richard, due to the fact that there aren’t any iPhones that natively support ANT+ power meters, we have only released Xert Mobile for Android. We are planning to come out on iOS. We are also working on a workout player for ConnectIQ. It’s going to be super-cool. :slight_smile:

Great news. The ConnectIQ player would certainly get my vote as I don’t use the iPhone on my bike but wanted to try it out indoors - the Garmin version I certainly would use. All you need now is the ability to import non-bike workouts, sync from Garmin Connect and syncing weight from Withings then I don’t need TrainingPeaks also :wink: Keep up the great work.