Xert Mobile crash - any way to rewind or fast-forward a workout?

Tried out Let the Sparks Fly this morning - great workout until Xert Mobile suddenly went from the workout screen to the Scan screen (device is a Sony Xperia M2) in the middle of the second set. Phone was unresponsive at this point, although the workout was still running in the background. After fussing about for a few minutes, I ended up restarting the phone to fix the problem. Upon restart, Xert Mobile resumed from where I had done a force-restart of the phone, meaning I missed most of the second set. Is there any way to rewind a workout, or to start a new workout and fast-forward to a specific section?

Firstly, we just pushed out 2.2.13 which addresses a crash that some users were experiencing. You can skip intervals by tapping the interval timer and tapping skip. There’s no way to rewind so-to-speak at the moment. Hopefully the need to do these can be reduced by addressing the errors.

Thanks! I’ll update the app and try again tomorrow.