Xert mobile app share to Strava

I’m trying to upload my workout from the Activities Tab on my Android app to my Starva account, but after providing my Strava credentials the Xert App appears to crash and no file is passed to Strava. Am I doing something wrong, or is there an issue with the xert app? Thanks, Thom

Be sure to update to that latest version as this was a problem on an earlier version. If it still happens to you, please send an email to support@xertonline.com and we’ll have a look to see what might be happening.

Thank you. Fixed.

Today I had an issue with XERT mobile and strava. XERT session was 55:17, 23.79mi, 144avg hr and 26.7avg mph and strava is showing 0:24 moving time, 0 miles, 155 avg hr and 7.2 avg mph. ???

Be sure to check that the activity is classified as a trainer session otherwise Strava will use your GPS data for distance and speed.

Changing to virtual or workout didn’t make a difference. I did how ever find before my last workout the GPS toggle in XERTmobile app. This fixed the issue on my newer recorded workouts.