XERT Mobile and Derived Power

A friend of mine is interested in Xert but doesn’t have a power meter on all of his bike. If he was to record a workout with the mountain bike (no power meter), would XM provide an estimated power number base on his HR alone? Does the derived power algorithm require any additional sensors such as speed and cadence.

The derived power algorithm is currently in experimental status. HR kinetics parameters that govern individual differences, can not yet be calibrated, notably your Fitness Signature. Having said that, others have been having success. Having a cadence and speed sensor helps. Also using an HRM that provides consistent vaiues without a lot of errors (i.e. not an optimal HRM), would be required. The Polar H7 and the Garmin HRM work well.

Getting a Fitness Signature wasn’t as important as having these HR only activities contribute to training load. Last summer, I also found it difficult to trend my fatigue with all of my HR only rides missing in Xert. Do you anticipated this feature will be added eventually?

Yes. This is next on the block.