Xert Mobile 2.0 Released

An overhaul of the FIT support has been implemented in Xert Mobile, now giving it support for FIT 2.0. We have 3 FIT Developer Fields that can be enabled - MPA, Strain and Focus. These values will get stored in the FIT 2.0 file allowing other software programs to read this data for analysis.

This release also introduces support for Computrainer control. There are 2 new CT control metrics, Erg Mode and Trainer Slope, available with tap-and-hold on any Activity cell as well as calibration functionality in the SCAN tab. Computrainers can interface to our app via their USB interface and a USB OTG cable for the Android.

We also introduced support for Pedal Left and Right Balance on capable power meters, improved session / lap support and activity finalization performance is dramatically improved.

I’m running on a Nexus 6P and the app keeps crashing after the 2.0 update, before that, everything is working just fine. The crash point is always after the sign-in screen. Whether you “Skip” or “Sign-In”, both generate the crash. The previous apps screen in Android doesn’t even register the app had ever been ran. Hope this get fixed soon, as I like to try it out with my structured indoor training class to see how it analyze the training.

Ken, we’ll have a look to see what could be happening. We’ll contact you off-list to try and troubleshoot.

Thanks for testing our fix. Glad we were able to resolve the issue.

Any plans on ANT+ FE-C control with Xert Mobile? I have a KICKR and NEO and would love to have Xert mobile control them.

Should already be there! You’ll need to update your KICKR firmware to support ANT+ FE-C.

Thanks will give it a shot later this week

Since the last version was auto installed y both my mobile and tablet workouts stopped working. When I try to select a workout none are loaded and it keeps waiting forever. I have a premium account in case it helps.

Arturo, please try logging out and back in again and see if that helps. We’ll check our end and see if there are any exceptions during the request.

I did it didn’t work. What did work, however is unistalling and reinstalling the app. However I am struggling with pairing devices. There is a lot of lag compared to my Garmin and calibration most of the times it is not working. This is not new to this version it also happened with the previous version. In case it helps, it is happening with a Quarq S975. The Elite speed/cadence sensor I have in my Turbo Muin trainer does pair, but I do not get any speed readings whatsoever.

Phone model / Android version?

Asus zenphone max (ASUS_Z010D) Android 6.0.1

I forgot to mention it has native Ant+ support

Are you able to successfully calibrate it with another Android app? Are you still experiencing trouble retrieving workouts? We can switch to email to coordinate a test together. support@xertonline.com