Xert Mixed Mode Workouts

Hi Everyone! Check out my new video that discusses Xert’s Mixed Mode workouts. Hopefully it will help answer any questions you might have about them and perhaps give you the confidence to try one for yourself! Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks so much Scott !

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I saw the video last night.

I’ve not yet tried one, but am hoping to get onto one once I’m out of the base phase of my current plan towards an event at the end of April.

It looks like a good way to add some interest into trainer workouts.

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There are a couple mixed mode workouts that can be used effectively while in base phase!

Try The Time is Now or Adventure of a Lifetime! Although these workouts have a few short, maximal sprints mixed in, they’re polar specificity, indicating that they’re still mostly base/endurance workouts - most of the strain in those activities is Low strain:

It might take a couple of sprints to get a ‘feel’ for the sprints, but they’re very fun & engaging workouts when you know what to expect :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks. I’ll check them out :+1:t2:

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I’ve been meaning to try one of these for sometime but never bothered as I thought my low end smart trainer would respond to slowly for it to be any use. Seeing your video motivated me to try one and was pleasantly surprised. Very little delay in changing modes. Your recommendation for setting it at 4% was spot on. First sprint was low on power but dropping down a couple of cogs for subsequent ones was perfect. Cheers

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Awesome - happy to hear! Which workout did you try?

Something I could have potentially mentioned in the video is that all of our mixed mode workouts have been thoroughly tested and have the slope % pre-set in the workout. Most often sprints are done near 4-5%slope & threshold(ish) efforts are done around 2% slope.

I’m using something called the Join app to set my training program. It doesn’t have a workout player which is fine by me as it facilitates easy import into Xert. Once the workout is in Xert its a simple job using your superb workout creator to alter the workout to incorporate mixed mode where appropriate.