Xert mention

Youtube coach Dylan Johnson did mention Xert in a recent interview on the “Inside the Big Ring” Podcast (after minute 56): Big Ring Ep. 99

It was clear from his Strava posts he uses Xert, but here he remarks quite positively on the Xert FTP calculations. There may also be a video forthcoming.

After the recent kerfuffle, maybe of interest for some people here.


Interesting pod. Look forward to his opinion on the XATA if he gets round to it. Although I think he’ll conclude it’s only as good as the person behind the wheel.

Another youtube Xert mention today - What My Base Training Season Looked Like.


That was an interesting video he did. I’m curious that he uses Xert but always referenced Training Peaks TSS, CTL, ATL etc when talking about that area of his training.

It may just be that those Training Peaks calendar pages are better suited to his format in the way they display all of that information in one place. The data is certainly there in Xert but not as suited to a Youtube video.

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