Xert location requirements within android app

Why is the xert android app accessing my location even when the app isnt actually running?

My phones just notified me that my location is being accessd by the app but the app isn’t even running.

None of my other apps need to have location permission on at all times. The others are happy with it being while using the app or even not at all as per the Trainerroad app and the following work fine with these settings.

I understand that android can require permission for location for an app but obviously this doesn’t appear to be required all the time as can be seen by the images below.

GPS, power, cadence and HR data are collected only when recording an activity. We collect it when the app has been put in the background. We don’t collect any data when you’re not recording. We have enough data to manage as it is!

Then why does the app require the option of “allow all the time” in order to function and not instead only require " Allow only when using the app"?

The app refuses to operate unless “Allow all the time” is selected.

Hmm… we’ll look into it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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You guys are so quick.

Sorted with the new update - thanks :+1: