Xert is stripping 0 wattage time from activities

Looking at my activity in PerfPRO, Strava and Xert you can clearly see Xert is stripping 0 wattage and filling it in with the last wattage number before 0 wattage. Speed is also showing up with a low number not 0 as from the original data file (PerfPRO).This goes for all activities uploaded to Xert. If there are any 0 watt times they will be filled in by Xert. This is not good in the way Xert analyzes and calculates fitness signatures, MPA, Etc. All Xert data to this point is invalid! Xert_HOP-Workout

Tim, couple of things: If you zoom in, you’ll find more detail on the chart. Second, the power data with MPA on the chart is a moving average. We’ll be updating the legend shortly to reflect that (currently set a 3s). Please check if there are larger gaps than 3s that we aren’t picking up and if so, please email us your FIT so we can check to see if there are any things out-of-sync.

Armando, Even if zoomed in you will see in the attached jpg for 20+ seconds speed is at 1mph and 290w when the activity file is 0 mph at 0 watts… Sure no problem on the FIT file… Zoomed

Please email us the PerfPro fit file.

will do…