Xert is down?

500s all round!


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very frustrating when you have a limited window to perform your training

the first post in this thread was 2 hours ago. an update that this is at least being addressed would be nice.


:see_no_evil: and today was going to be my first actual trial of the suggested workout :man_facepalming:

yeah gone down

Back up now. Investigating what may have happened.


Demons. :smile:

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At 3am? Cut the guys some slack!

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What you are saying is the European customers should get a lower level of service? Your comment seems like a selfish point of view.

The main service was restarted for some reason. Not sure why yet. Everything was fine except for one of the services didn’t not start. We didn’t know. We were :sleeping: Would love to afford a team that can cover every timezone. One day maybe if you all stick around and keep supporting us.


I mean, it’s a small company. I run a small company. Fortunately we don’t have international customers. It’s hard (and expensive) to do that level of support. I posted this from the UK around 8am and then remembered where Xert live. It’s $9.99/mo, I’m not expecting five nines (99.999%) uptime! It was more of an “anyone else seeing this?”

One day maybe if you all stick around and keep supporting us.

That’s pretty nailed-on. There is nothing that fits into anything else I choose to do outside as well as Xert, or any platform that knows me as well.

Fortunately it had me down as “Very Tired” last night so I was likely to take the morning off anyway :wink:

#Hugops, as some say.

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I would have loved to go outside but it’s a cold and rainy winter day in Northern Italy. I am not angry at XERT and I enjoy the service. I get that in the grand scheme this is not a big deal. I was frustrated because I planned my day around this and was fueled up and ready to train.

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No I don’t think so @ffiorentino I think we all understand the time zone situation, its just some of us had workouts planned when the guys over the pond are still sleeping and we were a bit frustrated.
PS: Cold and rainy in Italy…you should be so lucky. Minus 20 and a meter of snow where I live in Norway :cold_face:


Yeah, I hear that. Hope you manage to get some riding in.

I missed my gym workout and my indoor trainer workout today too.
My training went from this:

to this

No, not saying that at all. I was just addressing your dismay at no one answering the forum at 3:00 a.m… Best I can tell, it is moderated by two guys in Toronto :slight_smile:

I too would be right upset if I was geared up and the system was down for me… I’d probably figure something else out though, no different than when I get on the bike and my sensors are not pairing or some other calamity.

Thank goodness for the Adapt Forecast feature, huh? :wink:


I managed to get my workout in at the expense of being late for work. Wait….maybe this was not as bad as I originally thought!!!


The application on Android is already loading the training history, but I cannot select a new workout (more precisely, I cannot load it). Do you have the same issue? From the posts, I got the impression that the problem has been resolved.

You can pull-down refresh on the workouts listing to fetch the workouts in the app.