Xert IQ Kickr Core Garmin 830 Erg Problem


Apologies if this is already a thread, I searched but couldn’t find it.

I started using my Edge 830 with the IQ workout app recently. I paired my garmin to my Kickr Core and use the power data from that and the app on the edge as the ERG control. The first workout was great - moved through the intervals with the correct resistance changing through the sets.

The workout I did this morning wasn’t the same. To begin with it synced up no problems. The app was controlling the resistance fine, changing with the intervals. When I got to my first real interval however I didn’t see it coming up, the app told the trainer to provide 650w of resistance and I couldn’t turn the pedals as I’d missed the jump. The app then said the trainer wasn’t moving fast enough so switched off ERG mode and I was then left spinning at 50w.

Thats fine, the problem I then had was that I couldn’t figure out how to re engage ERG mode without quitting the workout and re starting it. Initially I tried reconnecting to the Kickr but it just showed me my power and cadence, and didn’t re engage erg mode. When I searched for units in the app it didn’t seem to show anything (even though I had my garmin pedals there too).

I quit the workout, re started and skipped through the intervals to find my place again, however at the end of the session the app kicked me off ERG mode again - this time without saying the trainer was too slow. Just booted me off ERG mode but still showed me power and cadence data.

Is there any way to kick the app back into ERG mode if this happens?


Had a similar issue with my 1030 way back when I first installed it but it’s been smooth running now for over a year.
If I recollect correctly I reinstalled the app and made sure to pair the Garmin with the trainer not through the IQ app.
GPS should also be off but that’s automatic when you select Indoor with the current firmware for Garmin.

Full install instructions –

Thanks, I’ve reinstalled it and will give it a go.

Yep, so this issue isn’t going away.

Deleted and reinstalled the IQ app.
Followed the connection process as outlined - Garmin connect open on my mobile and linked to the head unit, Kickr connected via Edge 830 main menu, open Xert workout IQ app, load workout, app controls erg mode on the kickr. Great.

3 times it then says trainer ‘power too low’ (once I stopped pedalling for 5 secs to tighten my shoes - other two times I was pedalling normally). Turns off ERG mode. Cannot get the app to then turn ERG mode back on and I’m just left pedalling 80w. Have to quit the app and restart the workout to get it back on again. The last straw was mid interval pushing 400w for it to kick me off and kill the interval. I’ve got limited time to train with two young kids and a full time job so faffing around with tech in the middle of a session really bugs me. This basically means I cant use the smart intervals as they were intended and Ill have to go back to loading the workouts into zwift.

Does anyone please know the process to get ERG mode reconnected and back running again whilst doing a workout in the IQ app, without quitting it, restarting it then skipping to the interval you left off at?

Before you switched to using the Connect IQ app on the 830 were you running workouts on mobile app without any issues?
ANT+ or BLE to control the trainer?
If ANT+ try switching to BLE at least for trainer control.

Have never had that issue, so I would write an email to the support team directly given the ERG drop-outs (support@xertonline.com). They can deal with the specifics of your case.

For info - I have been able to switch between ERG, Slope, and Resistance modes on the Garmin. Think it’s the back arrow which brings up a bunch of options… there is also a ‘reconnect’ option in there which may help?

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