Xert iOS not picking up cadence from Assioma

For some reason Xert iOS is not registering cadence from my pair of Assiomas, only watts. I’m pretty sure it was working properly a few weeks ago. Is this is a known issue on the latest iOS build? I’ve duplicated the issue on my iPhone and my iPad. I don’t think it’s a problem with the Assiomas, nor a problem with the iPhone or iPad bluetooth stack/setup, as the pedals work fine when using Trainerroad for iOS. The only issue is with the Xert player. I’m seeing watts, but “0” cadence. I’ve done a hard reboot on the iPad, and even reinstalled the app, but no resolution of the problem.

Hi @CarmenV,

Not a known issue that we’re aware of. Be sure that you have the Assiomas paired as both ‘Power’ source and ‘Cadence’ in the sensor pairing menu (Xert has you pair each sensor type individually).


Yep, that was the issue…Thanks…

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