Xert IOS app training issue

Hello Everyone,

I have been using Xert for a few years now and I love it. I believe it’s the best training app out on the market. However, I am having an issue with selecting different training workouts. I don’t see any workouts to select from. There is one training workout recommended and I can’t see any of the details. It also isn’t displaying any of my training deficit. I only use the IOS app on my phone for workouts. It looks like the IOS app isn’t syncing properly with the website. Is anyone else having issues?

Thank you all!

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I believe this issue has been reported but if you want to make sure contact support@xertonline.com.
In the meantime you can do this –

  1. Visit xertonline.com.
  2. Select the Training tab to view recommendations.
  3. Use Play Now to select a workout.
  4. Swipe down on the EBC phone app to sync your selection.
  5. Proceed as normal.

You can alternately visit the Workouts Library directly to select a workout with Play Now.

Thank you!!!

Thanks Matt,

We received a few reports about the iOS app over the weekend. We’re aware & are investigating - I’ll keep you posted once I have more info to share or once the issue is resolved.