Xert iOS app - no speed/distance in workout activites

Hi, Xert Community/Support

Beeing new to Xert iOS and using it for 2 weeks via the Premium Trial, i’ve a question concerning
speed measurement/distance via the Xert iOS app.

The 3 workout rides (Active Recovery - 20/30) i’ve done between the 3-4 outdoor rides (Xert iOS
/recorded 180km) won’t measure any speed or distance at all. Either if the “Settings” in the app are
“Speed from GPS” (2x) or “Speed from Power” (1x), no data is recorded.

-Does “Speed from Power” will work without a Power Meter? (…maybe real time via HR+cadence?)
-Is Speed from RPM Speed sensor (fitted to hub of wheel) correct without setting the actual tire size?
-Which speed measuring method might be best ? (…GPS over Speed sensor/having no power meter)

Having asked that, all the Recovery workouts did count for the personal fitness profile since HR (belt)
and Cadence (bt cadence sensor) measurements where available. It’s just somehow a bit strange to
see no distance and speed data on the Activity dashboard, when f.e. “Speed from GPS” was chosen.

All ride activites did record as expected (but speed via BT sensor w/o tire size could need clearance)


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EBC app does not support speed sensors.
Indoors: Speed from Power should work.
Outdoors: Speed from GPS should work.
For best results you want a power meter on your bike. If same bike is used with smart trainer, you want power meter paired to the app, so Powermatch is enabled for indoor workouts.

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Thank you for taking your time helping a beginner which might be a permanent paying user soon.


ps: below are links for the workouts

Workouts (missing speed/distance while having Speed from GPS active)

Rides (including speed while having Speed from GPS active)

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