Xert iOS App Erg Mode

Hello - i tried the Xert iOS App and found that it does not control my Tacx Neo very well - is there anything i am missing - perhaps a set-up setting of some kind??

Hi Sanjay,

Tacx hasn’t released FTMS firmware for any of their trainers, which is the new industry standard that our iOS app uses. Our users have been working around this by using a CABLE from north pole engineering to bridge the Neo’s ant+ to BLE, which can then be controlled via our app. The CABLE is also a handy gadget to have laying around.

Ok - thanks for the info - i’ll Look for the cable

I just purchased a CABLE and tested it with my Tacx Neo using the iOS app and it worked perfectly!!

I have Viiiiva heartrate monitor to bridgeover all data het still the ERG mode is disabled on my workouts . Any tips . On why the problems remains

Hi Adriano,

The Viiiiva HR monitor is able to bridge ANT+ to BLE, but not ANT-FEC. You would need to use a CABLE to get trainer control (if your trainer does not have FTMS)