Xert has lost all past activities

It was fine yesterday but no dashboard showing and no activities - the following message comes up in a red box:
‘There aren’t enough recent activities for the Adaptive Training Advisor to analyze. Please Sync/Upload or manually create at least 4 activities from the past 4 weeks that have a minimum of 20 XSS points each.
You’ve been training much more than usual this past week! The Training Advisor may need to learn a bit more about you before it is able to help you meet your improvement goals.’

Hi John. Kindly send an email to support@xertonline.com for any support related issues so we can have a team member look into it. Please include screenshots and description of how it occurred if possible. Thank you. (Sorry you’re having trouble.)

Hi Arnoldo. Today I all my past activities have disappeared and the dashboard does not come up when clicked. Also GCM is saying that all the Xert data apps require updating as of today but they were up to date. Nothing changed on my side apart from the workout app updating yesterday.

Thought it was a system issue that could effect others so alerted via the forum :slightly_smiling_face: