Xert guidance vs coach's suggestions from VO2max test

Real life racing is scheduled to be back here in October. I was planning on taking a short break and then a typical 12 week base-build-peak program with Xert as my guide.

I did a VO2max test today, which showed my FTP is currently at 92-93% of my power at VO2max. His advice was that it would be very hard to further improve my FTP until I can raise my ceiling, by focusing on high intensity work.

On Xert I would do this by setting my target event date approximately 6 weeks before the races start, do a build/peak program with a Puncheur focus, and then start a final program leading up to the events themselves with some race-specific training.

So, brains trust, thoughts on the standard 12 week Xert program versus skipping the base phase and doing 2 x 6 week programs based on the physiological testing?

I believe the cycle is 120 days, so not 12 weeks, but in any case, I would personally skip base.

If you set your target date around 30 days before the actual date and then switch to your new target date, you will go straight into peak phase again. If you do as you plan, set your target days 6 weeks before the actual date, you’ll get some build before that…

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