Xert Glitch....My signature is messed up. Kindly Help

Hi All,
I’ve been having a recurrent glitch, where the signature reverts to a prior spot, which is 20 - 30 watts less than what I had. This is the sequence of events.

  1. All I did was to change decay methods, big signature change. Support explained to me:

When you change decay methods, Xert is looking at how much your TL(s) have changed since your last Breakthrough (or Near Breakthrough) and uses that to make adjustments to the current signature. Ideally, it’s best to change decay methods right after validating the signature with a BT/maximal effort.

Regardless, I’ve applied the ‘No Decay’ setting from your last BT activity on Aug 1st by switching to ‘No Decay’ setting & saving, then opening the activity and saving the signature along the bottom. This essentially forces Xert to recalculate your data since that BT using the No Decay setting. Considering that your overall training load is approximately the same as your last couple of BT’s (with a TP of ~255 W), then a TP of ~250 W is reasonable.

  1. I did the same mistake, @ManofSteele kindly explained

This is why it’s generally best to switch decay methods right after confirming the signature is accurate (e.g. a BT or near BT effort). If you want to switch decay methods without a BT, then open your most recent activity and clicking the ‘SAVE’ option at the bottom of the screen. Once that’s done, you can open your account settings and switch decay settings. If done that way, you shouldn’t see any large changes in your signature.

  1. WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING FROM MY PART…the signature flipped again. I contacted support with no answer

  2. I recalculated my signature, which now gives me an even lower TP, a higher HIE and PP.

  3. I manually updated my TP, HIE, PP to the values that I think are appropriate.

  4. Today I manually added a run activity and my signature reverted to the one in step #4.

  5. Again, In settings - profile, I updated my values (TP,HIE,PP) and decay method manually…Should I expect this signature to change again? Why? In what scenarios?.

Safe to say this is confusing and not user friendly. So many questions:

  • Why do you have to manually save before changing decay methods, why is it not done in the background?
  • Why did my signature changed the last time without any action on my part (this is the more troublesome)
  • Why adding a run, reverted my signature and ignored the one I entered manually.

I need to have a correct signature and I don’t know how to do it without an FTP or a breakthrough workout, which is a pain in the ass. I really need help. @ManofSteele @xertedbrain

Is it better to RESET the account, let the values be and do an ftp test or xert workout to update signature?