Xert, Garmin, Zwift, Strava & TrainingPeaks: How best to link them?

I know this question probably gets asked a lot… but i just want to be sure i’m doing this efficiently and i’m not missing anything. I have a Garmin 530 & a Fenix 6 watch, So at the moment For outdoor rides i have GC > Xert > Strava > TP. All good and works as i need it to

The issues i am getting is with indoor rides, my setup is Zwift > GC, Strava & TP Then Strava > Xert but i’m finding that Zwift to GC is a bit hit n miss sometimes they just go straight from Zwift to Strava > TP & Xert and nothing going to GC and if i manually upload the fit file to GC i don’t get the Intensity Minutes i only get them if zwift bothers to upload or if i create a garmin activity to run alongside the zwift workout then at the end of the workout edit the GC activity from the zwift fit file and then delete the duplicate.

As you can see it turns into a hit n miss faff, so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

I encounter almost the same problem with almost identical hardware (Garmin 1030, Fenix 6, Android phone):
Indoor rides can be exported to Strava but not to GarmincConnect (GC). My normal set up is: GC → Xert → Strava.

Do I have to record my indoor rides with either Edge 1030 or Fenix6 in addition to Android XERT EBC app? GC automatically sincs back to Xert and therefore I have the same workout twice in Xert (once recorded by EBC and once by Edge1030). Or is it best not to record and save XERT EBC?

If I keep XERT EBC the name of the workout is saved automatically but no mileage. On the other hand if I record with my Edge, mileage is recorded but no name, which has to be added manually.

Any help is much appreciated.

FWIW I just record every ride with a garmin and sync that to Xert then on to Strava. I also sync from garmin to intervals.icu

It’s worth having two recordings in case one fails, plus with garmin you keep all data such as HRV and L-R balance. Does mean duplicates if I use Xert EBC, but then I delete those. I don’t sync from Strava to anywhere.

And if I ride Zwift I just sync that to Strava as well (just for the map really), and delete the ride that came from Xert via Garmin (assuming Strava hasn’t already identified it as a duplicate)

Doesn’t help with indoor distance but that’s not an important metric to me

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For ios users I can only recommend the app Rungap. What I do is upload to GC only then swipe down on rungap and this one has auto share activated for strava, intervals.icu and others.
Works like charm for me :slight_smile:

PS you can even work with conditions like only indoor rides are shared with platform x…

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Yeah i’ve came to a similer conclusion and run Zwift & GC together…

So for indoors i go Garmin > Xert > Strava (in Xert i untick the option ‘Sync New Strava Activities to Xert’ so it is one way traffic).

Then i run Zwift to TP & Strava. I send Zwift to Strava just for the map as it looks nicer and i also copy the xert metrics over to then delete the duplicate.

It would be nice if Zwift and GC played nice together and also if Garmin would send on 3rd party data once uploaded to it as it would make the process simpler.

I currently ride with Xert EBC & Zwift recording data. Zwift syncs to Strava, Garmin, and TrainingPeaks.
If EBC fails I upload the Zwift activity to Xert instead. They’re in your Documents/Zwift/Activities/{userid}/ directory and you can also download them directly from your Zwift activity feed.

I’ve found myself rarely using TrainingPeaks though since switching to Xert.

Hi all , isn‘t there a real fix from Xert to this common problem ?

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