XERT Garmin Edge APP - Set power calculation to 3" or 10"

Hi at everyone,
sorry for my bad english. I have just a question: i’m new for use of powermeter (Assioma Favero Duo), and XERT interface program / App. Is possible, (and if yes how can i do it), using the XERT Workout Player during my training with **measure power set to 3" or 10" ?
I think, (now), is 1" for the reason is difficulty follow the power measure of the training (more oscillation). Without XERT Workout Player, in my Garmin Edge 1030, i have set 3" or 10" in two different profile w/ two different field and, in training w/ a medium or long IT, 3" or 10" is too easy follow and rest in the training power. Thanks in advanced for the help, have a good evening. BR. Corrado, Italy.