Xert FP vs Strava FPT

Hi all, this may have been ask befor and I apologise for asking again. My xert FP at the moment is 298 however my Strava FPT shows as 261. The problem I have is which number do I use when HIT intervals that are not xert intervals. I am concerned that I try to do none xert intervals at a too high wattage. Why is there such a big difference between xert and Strava.
Thanks in advance. Franz

Did you mean FTP?

Yes sorry FTP

I just enter the XERT threshold power as my Strava FTP, but I don’t use any of the Strava training plans or interval sessions.

Generally, for HIT sessions its best to just to do what you can do. Don’t overthink it. Just do the session and you will quickly find the right intensity for the given duration.

Didn’t you race in the Tour de Riverina?

Hi Rohan, yes I raced in the Tour de Riverina some years back. I moved to Brisbane.

The concerns I have is that xert numbers are to high. When I use some of my old training plans/sessions (I don’t use Strava sessions) and say try to do 2x15min at 90-95% of threshold I can’t do it any where near the xert number. That is why I think xert is over estimating FP und I have to go back to the good old 20 min FTP test.

I wish web had something like the Tour hier in Brisbane most of the races are club crit races

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Hi @fandres

I had a look at your account and made an adjustment on one of your former activities that I think made a significant improvement on your signature. Take a look now. Cheers!

Hi Scott, thanks for your help much appreciate. No wonder I couldn’t hold the wattage and I was always going to hard.