Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 3 - Near Breakthrough by design?

Hi community,

there is this workout called Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 3, which I did on my smarttrainer with trainer control. In the result I got a near breakthrough. I executed it quite good.

That is when I realised that the workout per design will always lead to a near breakthrough.

In the workout details you can see, that you will only touch MMA very slightly.

That will always result in a near breakthrough. (Quite the opposite of what I am trying to achieve here.)

On the other hand the micro image (lets call it thumbnail) before clicking on the workout (where you can select the different workouts) tells a different story.

Here I can clearly see how it should look like to achieve a real breakthrough. You would go beyond your MMA and try to execute the workout as good as possible. Hence resulting in a breakthrough.

So anyone know why the “thumbnail” is so much different to the actual workout. And also whats the whole point of this workout when you cannot achieve a breakthrough on your trainer with trainer control.

Side note: My performance was quite good. Trainer control is functioning well and I just pedaled through it. Though there might be minor deviation. But is the workout really designed so accurate, that minor deviations can lead to a near breakthrough instead of a breakthrough? If this is the case, then why not designing it, like in the thumbnail shown? Then you could go easily until you have to give up pedaling.

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Although Version 3 is designed for trainer control, all of the BT workouts are best performed in Slope mode. Then you can freely exceed targets (and duration) and truly go all out when the interval(s) designed for failure arrive. Otherwise, you may miss the opportunity to fully express your fitness signature.
Version 3 under trainer control should be difficult if your signature is close to dialed in already, but as you discovered may be a bit too easy when a signature is understated.

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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately it does not make a lot of sense to me.

  1. The describtion of the workout says: “This workout is intentionally designed to help you achieve a fitness breakthrough on your smart trainer using trainer control.”
    This statement says it is best performed with trainer control and not in slope mode. Yet, it wasn’t possible to achieve a breakthrough with trainer control, although it is intentionally designed for it. So what am I doing wrong? (Despite of doing it in ERG mode.)

  2. Your statement with slope mode is true. But why creating a workout then anyway? To reach my full potential I could also go with resistance and thats it. (In my opinion, you could easily design the workout in a way that you could do it in ERG mode. Like the thumbnail shows.)

  3. I do not understand your last sentence alltogether. If you have a perfectly dialed signature there is no need in performing a test in the first place. Since I am guessing my signature is wrong, I want to perform a test. So it should be able to work under these conditions.
    But still then, if my signature is understated and I am performing the test, the result should be a corrected signature.
    I unterstand that if the signature is way off, that a single test could not correct it, since the design of the workout and ERG mode. (Only in slope mode as you said, it would be possible.)

Or to break it down:
Why does the workout not look like this? (custom version from me)

@ridgerider2 is correct in that breakthroughs are best achieved without any trainer control so that you can push to the breakthrough and beyond to best demonstrate how you fatigue past failure. This helps the algorithm recognize your specific fatigue characteristics and dials in the signature.

Having said that, that breakthrough workout was designed to get most athletes to breakthrough but some on the second set didn’t quite get there. Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve made some changes to it to improve it.

Thanks for pointing it out and hope you’re not too annoyed with the near breakthrough. Just think how much happier you’ll be now when you’ll get a real one. :slight_smile:


Maybe that near breakthrough is the worst of all that. As mentioned on other places here in the forum, it can lead to minor depressions.

With the adjustments now, the workout totaly makes sense to me.


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The “Xert Fitness Test for Breakthrough Version 2” has the same problem. Can this workout be fixed as well? I just wasted 50 minutes of quality workout time completing the fitness test with a near breakthrough :slight_smile:

If it is not supposed to be used it should be removed or make as deprecated.

Hi @hpbieker Thanks for the feedback. We’ve made some adjustments to it which should make it much more appropriate now. Can you try again? :smile: Just kidding.


Thanks, looks better now with 15 sec at 120% after MPA is drained to 120% TP!