Xert files 2 zwift any quick iOS method

As title asks, any quick xert 2 zwift transfer? At moment I can do the transfer on laptop, but is a option to transfer the file from iPhone/iPad into zwift?

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Hi, there are a couple steps but if you leverage your iCloud Drive you can do it easily enough. You’ll need to move your Documents/Zwift folder to you iCloud Drive, download the workout file and then move it to your Zwift workout folder. Can move a few workouts at a time if you like to plan ahead. Could automate all the middle steps via the Automator app - e.g., anytime a .zwo file is added to your download folder have it moved to your Zwift workouts folder.

done that method even done the itunes way and checked the zwift vid, and nothing…all in zwift on pc but zero on ios… i have added a zwift id folder within workouts with files and still nothing on ios?

yup, this is a real pain in the butt. I am windows and android phone based but use ATV. So need to download to PC, open zwift on pc, close pc, open zwift on AT. Can’t run xert app on IOS as it doesn’t work well with my NEO 2t as xert doesn’t support it (tried cable bridge but after lots of frustration doesn’t work)

I love xert and been a member for a few years but the lack of capability with the neo 2T (one of the worlds most popular trainers) and the laborious work around is seriously making me think about cancelling.

The method which works for ios(no idea if it works on Apple TV)
Could not get anything to work as mentioned different avenues attempted all dead end.

Download zwo files
to windows laptop
Open zwift on laptop
Copy/paste file in creator rename example
Original name
Smart - Almost Easy - Xert
New name
Almost Easy
Save then delete the original file in zwift so your left with only the renamed new session
Open zwift on iPad

All done

Do I get a xert discount for this solution?

I’d sooner complain the Tacx for promising FTMS support and not delivering it and threaten to replace the Neo for a KICKR if they don’t do what they promised. We’d have implemented Neo support long ago if they hadn’t promised.

The Cable works perfectly, btw. This is the first complaint we’ve had of it not working. Cable in fact implements FTMS better than some of the trainers own implementations.

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Well I’ll happily contact support because when I do it. Power and control as ftms in cable. It connects to xert player but watts keep fluctuating widly. Keeps dropping way under target and also will not connect to zwift BT. Also appreciate tacx not following through but think all other leading training systems support tacx neo. I know TR and zwift do.

Be sure to disconnect the trainer from Zwift otherwise it will fluctuate. You should only have a power source on Zwift and it should be ANT. Leave the BT interfaces free for the iOS device.

I’ll give it a try. Problem is 90% of the time I zwift on Apple TV. Will have to use the laptop. Will just need to leave an hour for zwift to load on the laptop! :unamused:

You could set up the Cable to convert both power and trainer ANT to BT and interface these with the app and leave the Neo BT to connect to the ATV. Again, you’ll need to disconnect the Zwift BT trainer.