Xert Engine Blip?

TL was 76 this morning with a small XSS surplus - then did a 56 m ride XSS 236 and the TL is now showing 44 with an XATA deficit of 1692 XSS! ?

Hi John. Can you not make any changes to your account while we investigate? Please kindly send an email to support@xertonline.com so that we can track it. Thanks for your understanding.

email sent thanks Armando.

I have a similar issue, deficit of 1517 and training status dropping from 2 and a bit to 1 and a bit stars

Got your note Andy. Looking into this. Found the issue now just need to find the cause and repair it.

Thanks! All sorted now

Similar issue here. June 4th has me at 42xss surplus, june 5th shows a 881xss deficit.

Hi Ken. If you temporarily add an activity, say with 1XSS, it will force the system to recalculate and should address this issue. It only affects some users and should not happen again once you do this. Sorry for the trouble. If you experience it again, be sure to let support@xertonline.com know right away. Thanks.

Armando: I tried adding and removing activities, but recalculating continued with the error. It seems that for 7 days there was an additional ~800xss deficit, so that the week after next the deficit actually declined (since it returned to what I assume are real values). Today (next day) the whole thing cleared itself up. Many thanks for all your help.