Xert EBC workout filter doesn't work

I’m trying to search for workouts greater than 1hr 30min using the built in filter but it doesn’t appear to work. It appears to be showing every workout.

I have noticed it is spotty how the EBC workout filter works and that in nearly never has the chosen workout available or pre-selected as it is the the standard android app does.


I beleive you need to put the max value for it to work properly (contrary to the web browser)

I actually like this filter more than the Web browser one. You have more control over the time range.


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If you want the min/max filters to work you must define both entries (Duration or Difficulty).
Pre-selection works for me as long as the selection is made before you start the app. Perhaps they need a refresh button for that use case.

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Ah right, thanks. That’s why instructions are always handy :+1: