Xert ebc trainer control - kickr snap

I have the kickr snap set at the xert ebc trainer control in the iOS app.

Is there a way to do a spindown calibration to tune the smart trainer for the app workout?

Not sure if you can do it directly from the Xert app, but why not just use the Wahoo app?

I could be being thick, but how does the calibration in Wahoo get input to the Xert app?

The calibration is done on the trainer and is independent of the training app. You can log the power from the trainer on multiple devices at the same time and they will all give the same values.

So even if you calibrate your trainer in say Zwift, Zwift will just send some commands to the trainer. The all calculations and storage of the calibration are in the trainer itself.


Wow, I never knew that. Thanks.
I always thought that the purpose of a spindown calibration was to collect up all of the variables (tyre pressure, roller pressure on the tyre, axel friction etc.), and send that to the training app to adjust the workout

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