Xert EBC + Stryd on Android as running app; feedback, problems, and questions

On my treadmill-run today I used Xert EBC with Stryd on Android in order to execute the Run-Easy 30 workout. I used Stryd as sensor for power, cadence, and speed. Polar H10 as heart rate monitor.

  1. It worked! Xert EBC+Stryd on Android might be a very nice tool for tredmill running!

  2. In activity details, Xert describes it as a “Cycling summary”. Can I change it to Running within the Xert ecosystem, say on EBC or Xertonline?

  3. The speed and distance are wrong. According to the Stryd file downloaded from the Stryd-pod I ran 4.47km, mean power 172, mean pace 7:53 min/km. Is this a bug? Can it be or I correct it within Xert ecosystem? (It would be cumbersome to use GoldeCheetah or similar to correct and merge the the Xert+Stryd fit-files).

  4. The workout had a warmup+cooldown at 80% LTP (= 110W for me) and a main set at 100% LTP (=149W). I wonder if this workout prescription is originally a bike-workout copied, but not adapted to, running. For me, a brisk walk is 120W and a very very very slow run around 170W. So, I would describe this as a run-walk-workout in the Workout library. Or should I go all in with XATA and XSS and simply skip speed+distance? I would mentally be difficult and a big leap, as running, and running plans, traditionally are all about speed and mileage :thinking:.

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Follow-up after discussion with Support:
1-3. Xert EBC not intended for running. (I hope that will change in the future).
4. With help from Support my fitness signature was updated. After that, the easy and recovery workouts resemble what I am used.

I´m a subscriber since 26/1. Uploaded historic 153 runs with Stryd. I put athlete type to GC-specialist , Improvement rate to slow, and I plan to follow XATA for 4-6 runs/week… Target events 12K to 27K trail/mountain-runs this summer. So far very happy with Xert and their support.