Xert EBC selected workout? Speed sensor?

Hi everyone! I started using Xert EBC indoors. It is a great App but found 2 problems.

One is that when trying to do a workout the selected workout in Xertonline does not appear automatically in the App.

The other issue regards the speed sensor. I have a wahoo speed sensor attached to the flywheel of my spinning bike (no smart trainer). The App detects it but takes the speed from the pedal power meter, which is wrong… I know that speed from power is the default mode indoors. But I tried to change it to speed from sensor and it doesn’t work. The app continues to take wrong lectures from the power meter.

These two issues do not exist in Xert Mobile.

Select your workout in XO before starting EBC or close EBC and restart to load any change to selected workout.

Suggestion to Xert: Perhaps the app should automatically refresh the list when you tap the Workout from the Activity page. If there is a connection the list resyncs with XO. The selected workout may have changed or recommended list is different due to a Freshness Feedback update.

I don’t think they anticipated your use case for a spin bike. :slight_smile:
However, wouldn’t Speed from Power be a closer estimation of road speed than the flywheel sensor?
As a workaround you could try Outdoor but may need to disable GPS for that to work.

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You have to remember that EBC is not just a workout player but it’s also a bike computer app so it doesn’t have the selected workout ‘loaded’ by default but it does put it top of the list when you hit the button to choose one.


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