Xert EBC overestimated power reading?

I use either Xert mobile or Garmin to workout with power control off. I use favero pedals for power reading. Today I tried the Xert EBC latest beta version and noticed that the power reading was overestimated by a factor about 1.5.
Anyone else noticed it?

EBC V4.2.2.7 was just released to the Play Store (might be a couple of hours before you see it). Try that version. If you continue to see errors in your power, contact support@xertonline.com so we can troubleshoot.


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If you have files from both Android Mobile and Xert EBC, be sure to include those!

@ManofSteele see below 2 workout images. I did an active recovery session keeping constant cadence and bike resistance (manually adjusted). I recorded about 20 minutes using Xert Mobile and immediately after 2 minutes using Xert EBC. It may be clearly seen that the reading of power by Xert EBC is multiplied by a factor of 2. I am using favero Assioma UNO pedals. Could it be that Xert EBC detects it and multiplies the power recorded by 2?. This option is already considered in the Assioma App so it is not needed. I was looking in the Xert configuration if I could change it but did not find anything.

Thanks @Jomavami . We’re investigating and should hopefully have an update shortly! :slight_smile:

You’re correct. It’s likely some conflict between how the Assioma pedal is presenting itself to EBC. Can you please share your App Settings (posted below) with us? DM or email support is likely best option :slight_smile:

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@ManofSteele see below my Assioma Uno configuration. I had selected the option of multiplying by 2 the power since I only have one power pedal. This configuration gives the correct reading in Xert Mobile, Garmin and Wahoo units. I guess that Xert EBC detects that there is only one pedal reading automatically. I checked that the reading by Xert EBC is right when this option is not selected in the Assioma App. However, since I use both Garmin for outdoors and Xert for indoors that means that I have to change the Assioma configuration everytime. It would be great if this option could be selected once and forever in Xert EBC

Hi, I have a problem to report as well on the Beta EBC. Do i do it here:

The ebc app at times looses connection and the power drops to zero. Running it with zwift and zwift shows no power drop. I believe it is the connection or ant plus reading

Using an android phone with the software version android 10(note 9)

You can report issues directly from the app by selecting Settings, About, and tapping support@xertonline.com.
You can also tap ‘Send Diagnostics’ which will send a log of your current activity, app version, and settings to the developer for review.

I think that option is only needed for certain Bluetooth applications so if you connect to garmin or Wahoo units via ANT+ (which I think is the default) it should still work no matter the setting. Only app I’ve heard of (via friends) that actually needs you to double the power is RGT, though it’s odd that Xert mobile and EBC appear different (unless you also used ANT+).

Please give the option to retain the current readings with Favero if possible. My ‘master’ pedal has failed, and the doubling the app is currently doing allows me to still use the ‘slave’ pedal and get correct power. Xert is the only app I’ve found that allows me to keep using the Faveros, so I hope that will still be possible when this is ‘fixed’!

You should be able to use their app to reconfigure it to act as a single-sided PM.

That would be nice, but unfortunately not. They only let you reconfigure the left ‘master’ pedal as a single-sided Uno. Their app won’t connect to the right pedal by itself, but thankfully Xert does!