Xert EBC just lost a whole hour's workout?!

Usually, I finish my workout and I swipe “back” on Android, then hit Continue and Save to save the workout. This time, when I hit Continue, it just took me back to the ended activity.

So I swiped out, hit STOP and was faced with a menu:


I gamble, and I hit the top one. I lose. Xert EBV throws away my workout. It’s still there on my laptop:

How do I get this back?! And what’s the difference between END WORKOUT and END ACTIVITY?

As far as I understand it the activity should still be running. End workout ends this currently executed workout without ending the activity in case you want to switch to another workout and continue. I’ve never used it though, so there’s probably better advice coming soon.

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One ends the activity and moves to the SAVE screen.
The other ends the workout and allows you to keep riding or select another workout to add to your session. Here’s two examples.

Extended cooldown/Z2 –

Two workouts in a row –

I normally swipe UP to reach the STOP/CONTINUE screen on Android.
You can also CLEAR/CHANGE a workout during a session by swiping up and tapping the workout selected. For example, you might start a workout, decide “UGH! Not today.” and switch to something more reasonable. :smiley:


Thanks, between you and @idefix I worked out that it was indeed still running, so I did End Activity, Save, and now I’m going around deleting the manual activities I created in both Planner and Strava to compensate for what I thought was the lost workout.

Ok, so Activity = list of workouts…

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I found these labels thoroughly confusing. I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted to add another workout to the one I’ve just done. I am somewhat old and lazy, mind.

I hit the ‘wrong’ button once & had a 20+ hour long workout, basically the time between me getting off the bike one day and back on the next, took a while to figure that out.

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