Xert EBC iOS /auto-pause option while RIDE activity

Hi forum/support,

i use Xert EBC 3.2.1 (35) on iOS 15.4.1 and track my rides using HR and cadence (via BT sensors).
Just my last three rides couldn’t be analyzed automatically and had been flagged because of errors in
the tracked data. Errors in HR data seem to be the reason (steady lines during stops).

While tracking a ride (via the “Ride” folder) there are options for “auto-pause” (and “auto-dim”). Since i
had “auto-pause” active, but also thought it is good to trigger the ongoing ride manually choosing “continue” etc.

  • if “auto-pause” is chosen, should one avoid any manual options (pressing “continue”)?
  • is it best to manually pause the “Ride” by choosing “stop”/“continue” (without “auto-pause” at all)?
  • is pausing (auto or manually) the ride recording just not ideal for the resulting data (data errors)?

In short: I’d like to choose “auto-pause” (or not) and simply forget about it! What’s best for the resulting
data and why is there a second manual option (via “continue”)?


p.s.: Now i’ve done another 2 rides with Xert EBC plus “auto-pause” on without choosing manual options when pausing/stops etc. The results had been all HR derived data without errors, nothing was flagged. :+1:

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