Xert EBC fails to load

App fails to load. It immediately appears on screen and then just as quickly disappears. I’ve deleted app, turned off my phone and then back on, reinstalled app. Pressed icon and same thing happens so it loads and disappears immediately. I’m on a 5Ge ATT network that I use when WiFi is down Comcast as usual has its corporate head in a very dark place. Any help I’d sure be grateful as to the weird app behavior. TIA Anthony

Best to send a note to support@xertonline.com

On its way :+1:

Same thing happened to me a week ago. It would crash as soon as it opened. I duplicated the behavior on both my iPad and my iPhone. I deleted the app, reinstalled, still crashed. The next day it mysteriously started working again.

Thanks Carmen. At least I’m not hallucinating :disappointed::grinning:

FWIW, I’ve tracked the issue of EBC not loading, i.e., immediately crashing upon connecting. It appears to be related to Bluetooth, either not recognizing the presence of EBC (despite the correct toggle “on” position in settings), or EBC does not recognize Bluetooth. This issue began upon disconnecting my iPhone 12ProMax from my CarPlay.

As well, upon returning home, I discovered that XFinity had gone belly up, shutting down all my devices and that of course required reboots of the modem. So, I’m not sure when in the course of that reconfiguration, I noted that EBC was failing to load. Nonetheless, everything else is now correclty configured. I’ve installed iOS 14.7, and it does nothing to correct EBC’s failure to connect even though BT settings appear to be correct. The one strange settings piece of info is that my iPhone now shows itself as being able to pair in the BT settings, but BT is not recognizing the phone as pairable. ??? In anycase, anyone with any thoughts, I’d appreciate it. Anthony

My issue with EBC crashing on both iPad and on my iPhone had nothing to do with bluetooth that I can ascertain. I had made no changes nor added any devices. It just started crashing one day, and then stopped crashing the next day.

Thanks for your reply, Carmen. I’m still jammed up, unable to get it to load. I’ll await Support getting back to me tomorrow. I sure don’t want to do a complete reset. Take care Anthony

Thanks for contacting support. We’re looking into it. Looks like something that has come up due to an iOS update that we’ll need to investigate. So far, we have not been able to replicate though.

Thank you, Armando. My son is serious IT competent at a major University as well as an avid cyclist (or as avid as one can be on Peloton LOL). He worked yesterday with me for about half an hour on a Zoom. “Sorry, Dad, I’ve got nothing for you. :cry: It’s looking like a problem only solvable by the developers.”

The phenomenon began on 14.6 iOS my ProMax 12. I updated to 14.7 and that didn’t make any difference. I appreciate your diligence, and I’m aware I’m not the only user of Xert, so forgive my impatience. As you work on it, if there is anything I can do at my end to help, please ask away. In the meantime, I can used Trainer Road and import the data into my Xert program from Strava, so, that’ll work although I expect that the TR to Strava to Xert suffers some data change. Anyhow, thanks again, Anthony

Kindly respond to support when you have a moment.

All is good, Armando. I shall in the future ensure that I don’t play around with manipulating the intensity level of already constructed workouts and then failing further by assuming that I knew what I was doing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you so much, it is working now just as it should. Tony

No worries, Anthony.

It appears that if you modify the set Interval Count to be 0, save the workout and select it via the web, it will cause the app to crash when you open it.

We’re looking into preventing the crash on this error but for the time being, try either adjusting the custom workout you created to have an interval count more than 0 (or just delete the row and save it) or selecting a different workout.

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What sounds like a complex issue has been resolved very quickly by the support team. Kudos to them.

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Indeed so, John. I am so pleased. :slight_smile:

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