Xert ebc distance way off

I did today’s workout using the latest version of the xert ebc app on my android phone.

Speed from power was selected and active. All connected via BT.

The speed during the ride on the app was pretty much spot on but when the workout was completed I’ve somehow managed one ride of 124.3 miles on the xert ebc app front page and 77.2 miles when I look at the workout details on the xert ebc app.

The strava upload is showing 77.24 miles.

How do I correct this rides miles and upload the correct one as it screwed up my strava numbers.

I had this with 2 rides this week & raised a support ticket, the response wasn’t very helpful but seems to be a problem only with the beta release and a km/mile conversion issue. I uninstalled the beta version and installed the public version which is fine.

I asked about fixing the broken rides but this wasn’t answered so assume you can’t.

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Thanks for the feedback Mike. I raised a support email at the same time as posting on here so will be interested in seeing their response. Pretty disappointed that it’s not been fixed yet then. I’ll also be pissed if they aren’t able to fix my ride. I’ll await the responses from the indoor miles naysayers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. However 70 miles on strava in 1hr 24mins is a bit much lol.

Sorry about the issues with the beta app. Speed sensor supportb completely revamped. You could try removing and syncing from Strava.

Hi Armsndo. I’m not sure what you mean as the upload to strava from xert ebc shows 77.2 miles.

Probably best then to just replace them with manual entries (on Xert and Strava). Likely the 77.2 is your ride in kms not miles.

If it was in km/h my speed would have to have been about 32mph which would be unheard off. The workout was only 1hr 24min long. The xert ebc app was telling me that my avg speed was around 18mph.

What was also strange was that the front section of the xert ebc app showed 124.3 miles :flushed:

But clicking on it showed 77.2

Distance in the indoor workout I just did using latest Xert EBC beta is anomalous while average speed and power are OK. The total distance is grossly exaggerated. Average velocity in km/h was 36.9 km/h (estimated from power) for about 1 hour workout which makes sense and would yield a distance of around 37 km whereas the reported distance in the Xert activity is 114.67 km!!!.
Strava gives me an average velocity of 114 km/h for the synced activity and I am already receiving calls from Ineos and UAE :grin:

How can I correct in Xert the distance? (sorry I do not see the option).


I thought you could adjust distance on Strava but perhaps you need to be a subscriber.
If you find the errant entry bothersome you could alternately remove distance with FitFileTools and the entry will be 0.

I’m a full strava subscriber but that option isn’t available for indoor workouts. It only works on outdoor rides.

Beta update should be available on GP shortly.

It looks like there’s still an issue with the latest download of the beta.

If you look at the attached image you can see that it still shows metric speed when imperial is selected. km/h instead of mph.

The non beta version shows mph.


I just did today’s workout using the new version of the xert ebc beta app. The speed from power error is still there. My 45 minute workout today gave me 41.99 miles with an average speed of 55.7mph.

Should i remove the beta and swap back to the regular production version?

Today’s ride using the production release version of xert ebc had the distance recorded spot on.

Which version did you use? (243)?

I think thats the beta version isn’t it? I’ve removed it now so can’t check.

The production release is (225)

I just tried last version (240) and the issue persists.

Yes there seems to have been an issue with the last 2 or 3 beta releases.
The team are busy working hard to resolve the issue.

If you leave the beta program and download the production version that works perfectly.

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We think we’ve found the issue - testing it now :slight_smile:

Hopefully all resolved in next release!


Hi Scott.

When will the next release be?