Xert EBC crashing on me

I just updated my Android system (Android 12, from Android 11) and reinstalled all my usual apps.
Now, Xert EBC doesn’t start anymore, in fact it crashes instantly. I see that Xert EBC was also updated two days ago, so I don’t know if the problem comes from the Android upgrade, or if it’s from Xert’s update…
Does anyone else have the same problem ?

Are you using the beta version? As my android xert ebc app hasn’t updated since Nov 2021…

Yes, I’m using the beta version, but… is there a not-beta version ?
The one I installed on my phone is, version updated the April, 20th.

Yes I’m using the non beta version. You can see the version in my image above. To use the non beta version you would just select “leave beta” within Google Play and install the standard version.

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Thanks, it worked !

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Good to hear :+1:

A new version has been posted to beta that should fix the issue. New beta app supports multi-profile. Simply tap the cycling icon at the top and you can change profiles. You can also record non-cycling activities. Tap the bike on the Recording screen.


Sounds amazing. I’ll have to give it a go :+1:

I’ve just installed the beta version and it’s crashing at startup for me too. Is this fixed version not available yet?

I reinstalled the beta version, it’s now working. In the “About” page, I have v (283)…

Strange. It’s crashing for me. The latest beta version and the latest android version.

I’m not even sure if the beta I installed is really the latest, as it’s still labelled “April 20”…

Same here. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times but it still keeps crashing right after inputting my password.

Could be an account side issue but if you want to troubleshoot further on your phone go to Android Settings, Apps & notifications, Xert EBC, Storage & cache, and try clearing cache or both.

I am running on three devices without issue, but I don’t have any additional profiles defined on XO.

I’ve tried clearing the apps cache and it’s still crashing on startup.

I have a cycling, running and swimming profile setup.

I haven’t had any beta issues in quite some time but the one time I had login crashes I cleared storage and cache, then uninstalled and reinstalled EBC to fix the login problem.
If that doesn’t resolve it, you’ll need to file a support request.
Likely something to do with multiple profiles.

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There’s an update on Google play.

I installed the update and the app worked. UNTIL I selected my running profile and its crashed again.

I just tried starting the app again and it crashed right away again then this popup appeared. I selected clear cache, started the app again but it’s still crashing all the time.

But this version of the app is for multiple profiles.

Just installed which must have been pushed out today.
Still no issues on any of my three devices but I only have the one cycling profile to test.
My guess is the login routine isn’t handling that correctly yet.

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