Xert EBC bar color codes

Hi everyone!

I’m running Xert workouts on my iPhone in erg mode which is controlling my Neo 2.

It’s almost a year that I’m using Xert and only today I noticed that during a workout the “advancement bar” can also be colored in purple. I’m used to the green and white colored bars (understood one stands for “rest mode”/pw won’t change even if you stop pedaling and the other as smart/you stop you going to feel the increase in W) .

But what does this purple color mean? Any other colors I should know?


Colour Definition
Blue Lower Threshold Power (LTP)
Green Threshold Power (TP)
Yellow Above Threshold Power
Orange 5 minute power (based on fatigue)
Red Maximal Power Available (MPA)
Purple Above MPA

Details here: Using The Xert App for iOS – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

The MPA/Power data field for Garmin Connect IQ is also colour-coded.

● Blue - Well below threshold
● Green - Just below threshold
● Yellow - Just above threshold
● Orange - 180s or less until exhaustion
● Red - 30s or less until exhaustion
● Purple - Above MPA

Go deep (purple) for long enough and you’ll generate a BT. :smiley:

Thank you - I’m aware of those colors and meaning, I was referring to the following bar:

A dynamic SMART interval.
In your example, an XSSR based target.


@ridgerider2 is correct!

Purple color indicates that the current interval is SMART and the target power (or, occasionally, target duration) may adjust in real-time.

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