Xert EBC App - Weather No Location


Just got my Cubot KKM2, weirdly the Weather is either “Unavailable” or it displays “No Location”.

Side note : the Android EBC app frankly impressed me. Good job!

Hi @maximefortin

Happy to hear you’re enjoying the app so far! :slight_smile: First, did you enable location services when you installed the app? Second, have you switched to ‘outdoor’ mode? To do that, tap the ‘Indoor’ button and you should see the app switch to ‘Outdoor’ mode and acquire GPS signal. Once the app can acquire your location, it should be able to provide weather information, assuming you have network connectivity.

Thanks taking the time to answer @ManofSteele !

And it works now ! :smile:

Time to smash it and get a new breakthrough! :muscle: :bike:

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