Xert ebc ant+ sensors not working on karoo 2


I have some problems in getting a ant+ connection in the android app on my karoo 2. It finds for example a srm ant+ and speedsensor, sometimes is connected but for some reason not displaying power or speed.

In some cases, it’s not finding ant+ sensors at all, and sometimes the ant+ device is displayed, but not able to connect. And the heart rate ant+ is also not found.

To rule out: connections on karoo 2 all perfect.

In all cases: not able to get data out of the connections. Can you give me any advice?



Have you disconnected them from the Karoo 2 before starting the Xert app (i.e. remove sensors from profiles on sensor screen). It is a bit of a pain but this works for me. Having said that they will only connect via bluetooth. Not sure if this is because the software is written for an Android phone that normally only have bluetooth?

Yes, seems that there was an issue where paired sensors can’t/aren’t shared between the native Karoo and the Xert EBC app.

Are your sensors dual ANT+/BLE? You could configure the sensors only via ANT+ in the native sensor menu (don’t pair via BT). When you launch EBC , configure your sensors using BT in EBC. Hope that makes sense!

Thanks for the help.

Please confirm that if you only have ant+ sensors, the xert ebc will not work on karoo2 or android phone. Correct?

Hope they can make it work in future then.

Regards wouter


  1. After i disconnected all sensors on the karoo 2 , i was able to ant connect my powermeter SRM

But, while biking no display of power and calibration not possible.