XERT EBC Android App

Xert EBC App;

  1. Ending a Workout requires a swipe up in the App. This is too similar to the Android swipe up to switch/close apps & can result in unintentionally closing the app if accidentally “double up-swiping” (blame lack of oxygen to the brain after a WO:-).
  2. Could the Cadence Advisor be made part of the EBC Workout screen.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your suggestions. As an FYI, you don’t need to swipe from the bottom of the page to stop/continue the activity - you can swipe up from middle of the screen. That might help you avoid triggering the Android’s swipe-up action. Regarding the CO, it’s something that has been requested previously and is on the roadmap, just no firm ETA at the moment.


Thanks Scott, appreciate your taking the time to reply. Very helpful :+1:

Sorry to bring back an old thread, but I’m adding +1 to wanting to see CO in the Xert EBC Android app. For me, it’s the only reason I need to fire up the remote player.

That said, it’s pretty effective to just open the remote player on Android in Chrome, so I push Xert EBC to the background once my workout starts and then spend most of my time looking at the nice four-gauge view of the remote player. In Chrome I just added a shortcut to my home screen directly to this screen and it works great!

Ideally, the same 4 gauges that are shown in the Remote Player would be displayed within the EBC App. Fingers crossed for the next release of EBC - come on Xert, you know you want to!!! :smiley:

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