XERT EBC and Powermatch

Hi everyone and sorry for the topic repeated several times, I have read a lot, perhaps too much and, I admit, I have a little confusion in my head …
So, after some test, I actually deduced that the best use for indoor workouts is use the app, (in my case iPhone or iPad): XERT EBC.
Having said that, the Garmin Edge 1030, at this point, I won’t need for indoor sessions and therefore it can also remain off and on the desk.
I use a separate power sensor, (Favero Assioma DUO), and a TACX Neo2T trainer.
In this case, if I have understood correctly, a powermatch is needed to ensure that the power of the trainer adapts to that expressed by me and detected by my Favero power meter.
How do I access Powermatch on the XERT EBC APP ??? I can not find it !
Or is it not present because, still in the EBC App setting, you can select both a power meter and a Power Meter?
My setup is as follows: (last version for all the app):

  1. Garmin Edge 1030 turned off.
  2. XERT EBC App on iPhone or iPad
  3. Among the various selections, from the setting menu,
  • Power Source : Assioma L (I unified the channels for indoor use on smart trainers, is that correct?)
  • Trainer Control: Tacx Neo 2T
  • Heart Rate: HR HRM Garmin
  • Cadence: Axiom L
  • Speed: Assioma L
  • ANT+Adapter: —

It’s correct ?

On the Garmin Edge I deactivated them from the system menu, (scrolling the window up), and I also selected an ‘INDOOR’ profile which had the GPS off, then, I opened the XERT Player app and, in the settings, also in this case, I turned off the GPS.
But using only the EBC App, I ask myself, not seeing an option in the settings: is it necessary, also in this case, to deactivate the GPS data? But how do I disable it?
Always on iPhone or iPad, while using the XERT EBC app, is it preferable to turn off Wi-Fi ? BT, of course, not.

I also deactivated the connection between XERT and Strava, or rather, I said not to automatically upload the sessions performed with XERT (both Player and EBC), on Strava, while, on the contrary, yes: from Strava, (which imports them from Garmin Connect), they will go to XERT.

As for Garmin Connect, I easily solved the ‘problem’ (but not a big problem for me except for the statistical factor), for the indoor sessions that did not report distance and speed: I export them from XERT and then import them on Garmin Connect by correcting them, (GC allows you to do it), by entering the same distance and speed present on XERT.

I apologize, I know the topic has been covered several times, but I assure you that I have read a lot, and in most respects, everything is clear to me … just a little confusion regarding the exclusive use of the app XERT EBC and Powermatch not present, and GPS.

Thank you very much for your patience and any clarity,
Corrado, Italy.

It’s done automatically if you pair a dedicated power meter and a smart trainer! No need to enable/change settings!

If you use the ‘Train’ tab, GPS is off by default. You can only use/record GPS data if you select the ‘ride’ option (using the iOS EBC app).


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Thanks so much @ManofSteele ! :pray: OK, now is all clear. Perfect !
Just one last question: for the Favero Assioma Duo (two pedals, L and R), XERT Apps, (Player or EBC), needs to unify the channels, (when i merge i see the ‘L’ channel, so, my powermeter, is see as ‘Assioma L’), or this is one indifferent aspect ?

Have a good journey.

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Are you viewing indoor workouts on the Session Player?
You want Wi-Fi enabled to ensure data being recorded on EBC is passed through to the Session Player.
For example, run EBC on your phone to play the workout while viewing the Session Player on your iPad.

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Thanks Ridge ! Yes, is true; sometimes i watch my session w/ a Session Player. From now i have already leave ON my Wi-Fi on all my device.
Thanks again, good evening.

Yes, this is fine!

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Thanks so much @ManofSteele ! :hugs: