Xert down again

I’m trying to access https://www.xertonline.com/my-fitness to do todays workout but it appears to be down yet again. I’m unable to access my xata page. It was down yesterday too.

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Same here. Is there a status page?

Not tht I’m aware of. It’s been down at least 20 minutes now.

It’s quite frustrating as I was just about to do a ride. It’s been down quite a few times over the last few days. I realise these are difficult times but I’d like to be able to access it. I’m a new member having just paid for the year a couple of weeks ago. Not sure that was the right thing to do seeing as it’s down so much.

Is it region/time zone specific?
I haven’t had any issues with a daily connection (GMT-4).

My ride from this morning still hasn’t shown up, its synced in Garmin Connect so it’s uploaded, but isn’t showing up in Xert. Normally does it very quickly but noticed it seems to be taking longer more recently, today its been several hours, which is the longest so far.

Hi George,

We apologize for the server outages, and this is quite unusual for us. We’ve recently switched server locations and are working with our service providers to get it sorted out.


These are strange and difficult times Scott. Thanks for the update.

Down right now for me, went down about 5 mins ago, I’m in the UK.

Getting a ping timed out for xertonline.com, tracert below in case it’s of any use:-

C:>tracert xertonline.com

Tracing route to xertonline.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms 1 ms <1 ms ...**
2 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms losubs.subs.bng1.th-lon.zen.net.uk []
3 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms ae1-177.cr2.th-lon.zen.net.uk []
4 70 ms 12 ms 11 ms vl-50.ae-5.pe2.thn-lon.zen.net.uk []
5 15 ms 11 ms 11 ms ae-7.cor2.lond2.ptn.zen.net.uk []
6 12 ms 11 ms 12 ms ae-3.agg1.lond1.ptn.zen.net.uk []
7 14 ms 11 ms 11 ms ldn-b5-link.telia.net []
8 97 ms 97 ms 96 ms ldn-bb3-link.telia.net []
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 96 ms 96 ms 96 ms toro-b3-link.telia.net []
11 96 ms 96 ms 96 ms linode-ic-341108-toro-b1.c.telia.net []
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 * * * Request timed out.

Yep it’s down for me again too. I’m also in the UK.

Yes, again. And I was just going to train. It happened already twice this week.

I hope you have a good SLA in place with your service provider, time to ask for some service credits I reckon :wink:

Bad day to be a Linode tech.

UK is now back on line

Yup, it’s fixed:-

We are very much aware of the issues and are taking steps to address them. It is our first priority at the moment.
In order to address them, you may encounter some minor outages in the next few days. Ideally, they won’t be long. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.


There are worse things to worry about, but I’m not usually training with any live Xert tool that would require the website to be available :sunglasses: