Xert does not sync the Zwift-Rides from Garmin

Hi there,

my sync-setting in Xert is simple: import everything (cycling) from garmin:

But it repeatedly does not import the zwift-rides from garmin, even after manually pressing the red sync-button. The normal (real) rides are imported perfectly. I can (and have) imported them manually to xert after exporting the ride in garmin, but that should be possible automatically. What am I missing?


Garmin only sends us activities recorded on Garmin devices, they don’t pass along activities from other 3rd parties. If your Zwift rides are also synced to Strava, you can sync those activities to Xert from there.


Ah ok, so no mistakes here. I have now Garmin+Zwift+Xert, thats more than enough for a pure beginner, wont start a fourth platform. So there is no workaround to the “export in garmin and upload in xert”-approach, right?

You could manually add the file from Zwift to Xert. If you’re using Zwift on a PC/mac, you can find your activity .fit files by going to Documents > Zwift > Activities and finding the date/time of your activities, then upload those files to Xert in the top right-corner (upload activities).

It’d be nice if Zwift could export directly to Xert.

Yes ok, thats quite the same as the way through Garmin. Ok, maybe in the future Zwift → Xert directly is possible.

I don’t use Zwift so might not be the best option but you could also record your activity with your Garmin device (usually using ANT+) while using Zwift (usually using BLE) and then discard the Zwift recording.
I record everything with my Garmin watch (set to no auto pause for complete heart rate graph) and discard whatever else I use: Xert EBC on Android indoors (best Xert workout player for me) and a Garmin Edge (set to auto pause on for ‘normal’ average speed info while riding) outdoors.
It’s a matter of taste and what information you find most useful.
You can also use the Xert EBC App for control of the trainer and the rainbow gauge and other Xert infos while driving in the Zwift world, there is a tutorial how to set that up somewhere.

Is there some way to sync that does not involve strava?

Unfortunately not. Zwift doesn’t support auto-sync to Xert.

If you’re fully committed to avoiding Strava, you could manually upload the .fit file from your computer (if you Zwift from a laptop/desktop, you’ll find it in your documents > Zwift > Activities folder), or you can download a copy of the .fit file from the Zwift Dashboard - see the bottom of the screenshot:


The RunGap iOS app is pretty good for pushing activities from one system to another - it includes Xert and Zwift.

I don’t think you can get it to auto-sync but it just takes a few taps so much simpler than downloading and uploading files.

Hello, install and use the Garmin Connet App IQ >> Xert Workout Player on your Garmn device and if it synchronizes.

Yeesh, I forgot about the Xert workout app. Haven’t used it in years.