XERT does not mark blocks/sections workout

I look at the XERT platform as a pure amateur who wants to improve its parameters and modest possibilities.
I did the first suggested workout yesterday using the Android mobile application. Due to the fact that once, perhaps two years ago, I registered on XERT, so I do not have a test period. But I imported the Strava data from the period of three months through the workout, XERT determined the level, calculated the data.
After the workout was completed, the data was exported to Strava and there I noticed that in the “Analysis” section there is no division, marked sections / blocks from the workout. It all looks like a solid mass.
I know that XERT is unique, but all other training pads known to me and not only have the so-called “Lap Mark” - it makes it easier to view the data.

And here I have a question, is there an option somewhere, a switch that I didn’t turn on so that such markers would be inserted into the file after the workout was done?


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Can you provide screenshots of the workout analysis in Xert versus Strava?

Hello, below is the data from yesterday’s activity on XERT:

Below is a view of the same activity from Strava:

But now I want to show what I mean exactly, namely in “Analyze” on Stravie (or, for example, in GoldenCheatah) training blocks / sections (or outdoor activities, then the counter is marked depending on the time or distance set by the player).
Below it is true that it is external activity and block recording (LAP) every 10 minutes, but in the case of training, e.g. ZWift, Sufferfest, TrainingPeaks, they mark each block / section depending on its duration


The one with the laps is from a recording device or app that has the functionality to define laps, based on time elapsed, or distance covered. Xert doesn’t have that, as it’s actually irrelevant, although I can see your point in wanting to analyse more data :sunglasses:

Using lap markers is sort of like looking for mean maximal power (MMP) efforts in your data. It’s been the old way of doing things for quite some time. Xert doesn’t track laps or MMP information in your data for you to compare (although we do show activity MMP data for each activity as an MMP power curve).

In the past, these methods were necessary to help coaches and athletes infer what might be happening to the athlete. How are they fatiguing? Why were they able to do this set but not that one? Why are they fading?

With Xert, all this analysis becomes obsolete. It just tells you directly what all the older lap and data analysis is there to help you do: what’s my fitness and what can I do? If you want to look at how interval was performed, look at where MPA was at the end of the interval. No need for lap markers.

Now you can still see what data applies to a section of an activity. Just click-and-drag on the chart. Use the upper bar to scrub left and right if needed.

Showing lap and MMP information still has some merit in the new world of MPA and Difficulty Score but I don’t see this need outweighing some of the other important things we are working on. Having said that, it is in our roadmap. The best application isn’t in analysis of intervals within an activity but in analyzing the same TT and segment performance across activities. That would a very useful application of the lap feature.

Thanks for your question.


This might be an edge case but I used a custom Xert workout to do a lactate test recently (step / ramp test). It would have been useful to get the intervals marked up in the workout analysis.

Intervals should be easy to spot, no? How would you use them?

They’d mainly be useful for getting average heart rate for each step. But it’s no big deal, like I said this is something of an edge case!

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You mean like this, right?

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Yes! Although Intervals.icu takes everything to the next level. :slight_smile:

I know, right?

Thanks for the explanation. Is there a way not strip the data when it uploads it to Strava. All my uploads go through Xert Platform first for analysis and then uploads to Strava. Would be really nice if on Strava Platform I could see my lap markers (ex. during a ride I hit a lap to mark a spot). Garmin has laps turn on and if upload directly from Garmin to Strava I get lap markers. I would like to Xert Platform to analysis first and update Strava with that cool breakthrough image. Any advice?

If you let it sync from Garmin to Strava, you’ll see all the manual intervals in Strava.