Xert decreasing LTP and TP after a moderate (RPE4) but long group ride (200km)?

This is one of the helpful threads.
I’m on month 4 and the one thing I am personally not really interested in is my peak power, or even my 5 second power. It has very little relevance to my riding.

It does seem to play a significant part in the ultimate definition of other metrics. And I guess that’s the assumption that power available is based on that peak to start with. And everything then hangs off that.

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While PP is important, it is not important to test it often - just get it ball park right once with an all out sprint, then you can forget about it if not a priority.

The signature is not super sensitive to PP - important it’s broadly OK - 50w or even 100w won’t matter materially, but being out by 300 or 400w will be an issue. You can check yourself in a recent breakthrough activity, by manually changing peak power and then extracting a new signature, or even just refreshing the chart and seeing what happens to the MPA line with a different starting PP (just don’t save, unless you want to)

The issues in this thread are heavily influenced by not having a good starting signature, not suggesting that Xert relies ‘too much’ on PP.

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I’ll have a look at that capability when I’m next near a PC. I don’t want to break anything on an iPhone screen.

Though that’s reassuring re PP not necessarily being as important. It just ‘looks’ like that as MPA
starts from that number.

One day I’ll figure this stuff out. On month 5 now. Just trying to get to a place where I can do some rides and be confident about “why” the numbers are what they are so I can rely on them being a decent estimate for training baselines.