Xert datafields in Garmin IQ store not compatibel with Epix Pro 2 51mm, 47mm, 42mm

I just got my new Garmin Epix Pro Saphire (Gen2) in 51mm size. And - the xert datafields are not (yet) compatible.
I checked before buying and did finde the Epix Pro Gen2 - and bought the device.

But - there has to be a compatibility mapping for

the three sizes as own units.

See here as working example.


These 3 entries are missing in the xert datafields compatible devices list:

  • epix™ Pro (42mm)
  • epix™ Pro (47mm)
  • epix™ Pro (51mm)

Pls set up the datafields also for the three sizes of the new Epix! Tnx much!