Xert Data not showing from Zwift in Strava

Hi all,

I cant seem to get the Xert workout summary to show in Strava

for a Zwift workout. It works fine on an outdoor workout, any suggestions.

your zwift account needs to go through xert before it goes to strava


Thanks for this , ill check what way I have it set up, appreciate the help :+1:

I cant seem to find where to connect Zwift with Xert, any ideas thanks

Suggest you first trim down the activities list to cycling types only and then disable Strava to Xert.
I no longer use Zwift, but I believe if you use EBC when riding on Zwift and don’t save the Zwift recording, the Xert workout report will post to Strava.

The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (baronbiosys.com)

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Hi thanks I’ll try that , not using EBC but I’ll give it a shot

To get that data for my Xert Surplus Seeker group rides, the only option is to Sync the .fit file from Zwift into Xert and allow Xert to push to Strava. That’ll be the only way to automatically get the details in the description.

Alternatively, you could just let Zwift upload to Strava as it is doing (along with the standard screenshot/video that it uploads) and then manually copy/paste the description from another activity and then manually edit the data - bit of a hassle & tedious work to manually edit all the values, but it can also work. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for that I’ll try disabling Strava to Xert first and see how it goes. Appreciate the option you gave me also although its a bit of a hassle manually editing id prob just leave it as is but thanks for option.

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