Xert data fields not recognising power from indoor trainer

Using my Garmin 1030. It selects my neo 2t as indoor trainer (indoor profile) Garmin reads power, cadence etc on it’s fields but xert data fields don’t pick up the power, so cannot use them when riding indoors. Old 520 works fine but being old and having bad eyesight need the large screen on the 1030!

Hmm. Is it paired under Garmin’s native sensor menu?

You many also want to pair it as a power meter too. Perhaps the Garmin system isn’t sending our app the power data from the trainer and needs it from a power meter source for the 1030.

Unfortunately it won’t recognise my neo as a power meter. Even if I deselect indoor trainer. It’s not a biggie as I can use the 520. I’ve contacted Garmin support and I’ll post here if I get a resolution.

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Garmin 530 (and from the post the 1030 also) won’t recognize it as power source anymore.

Thus, the link is no longer valid… :frowning:

And the Xert fields no longer update :frowning::frowning::frowning:

Edit: SOLVED!! The problem is app tacx utility. In the app, when trainer connected, the app recommends to turn off ant+ spd/cadence/power data transmission. I had it turned off because I’ve never needed and decided to follow recommendation. Just turned it on and it poped up immediately. Solved.

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