Xert data fields during a ride outdoors - cheapest way

Hi, first post, been using and enjoying Xert for about 3 months.

I ride outside with a Stages Dash M50 device and a Coros watch and have no particular desire to get into the Garmin ecosystem, however I’m wondering what would be the most basic (= cheapest ?) device I could pick up off eBay to get the live data fields from Xert. I’m imagining a fairly old watch from Garmin which can run the ConnectIQ apps. Realise I could use a phone but looking for something small I could clip to the handlebars rather than adding the phone out front anywhere.


each CIQ app tells you the supported devices
eg Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin
if you want more than two concurrent xert ciq data fields you will need an Edge.
the cheaper devices you are looking at on ebay will all share the same problem - a degraded battery.

Brain dump:
My Edge 820 has a quite shocking battery life made worse whenever i run some ciq data fields.
an edge 130 for £50 might be sensible? I’m guessing a 920Xt for £50 will have a much poorer actual battery life due to age.
having said all of that: for whatever you get, if you disable GPS and Bluetooth and all sensors except your power meter that should boost battery to sensible levels.

Thank you for that, I did go take a look and should have thanked you earlier.

Now my Dash unit has partially failed, the speaker has died, wouldn’t bother me except there are no audible Varia alerts, so it was time to look for a new unit and I’ve got hold of a 530 with the remote control, will be interesting to have the Xert fields available ok an outdoor ride, looks like I have a lot to learn about the Garmin ecosphere.

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