Xert Cycling Summary

I see a number of people who have done rides on zwift showing their Xert Cycling Summary for the ride on strava. How do we go about getting the Xert Cycling Summary to show on strava for non xert app rides?

You need to sync from your device (garmin, wahoo etc) to Xert, then Xert to Strava. And make sure you don’t sync from your other device (garmin, wahoo) directly to Strava first. I used to have both and it was pot luck which sync would get to Strava first

Hi Wesley,

Thanks for that. However, what I’m not understanding is how they are getting both the Zwift group ride and the Xert ride to both sync to Strava?

Don’t use Zwift, but can you sync Zwift to Garmin, Garmin to Xert, Xert to Strava?

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That’s far too complicated for my ageing brain.

Probably because the direct upload to Strava corrects for TZ and Xert (or Garmin) does not.

Sorry but I’ve no idea what TZ is.

Time Zone - a Watopia ride will show up correctly in your local time on Strava, but some 10 hours earlier on Garmin. Or whatever the time zone difference is.

So, if you sync back and forth between services, you can end up with doubles…